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Final answer of youth

After HGH injection, you will get more youthful,
taller and thinner. We confirm!

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Growth Hormone or ‘HGH’
is a natural hormone that is produced
while we are sleeping.

Growth Hormone or ‘HGH’ is a growth hormone that is produced while we are sleeping. After the age of 20, HGH or Growth Hormone will be decreasingly produced. This is a main cause of diseases and senility.


  • HGH can maintain longevity and make you more youthful and radiant forever.
  • HGH can help your skin beautiful and healthy.
  • HGH can increase height.
  • HGH can multiply sexual function.
  • HGH can increase muscle mass (popular in bodybuilders).
  • HGH can burn fat more productively.
  • HGH can control stability of sugar level effectively.

EASY TO USE , because it is made for self-injection.

One genotropin pen can be injected up to 30 days !!

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   1.Fast delivery service in Bangkok area, just only 3 hours after confirm the order.
   2.Huahin, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Samui, and other provinces all over Thailand - Delivery by Kerry express or Air cargo. 
   3.International shipping by EMS (3-7 days upto the destinated country) or Express courier by UPS 
   4.Personal consultant - We provide FREE consultancy on prescribed dose and usage schedules to suit individual customers.

    *** FREE!! 40 sets of needles and alcohol pad. ***


Remark 1FREE DELIVERY. International shipping will be charged upon actual distance.

Remark 2: Deliver under temperature control. This ensures that products are in proper temperature to maintain the best quality until reaching to your hand.


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